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Venda - world’s largest on-demand eCommerce provider

In the Media


In the Media

Despite growing multi-device access, 49 of UK’s top 50 retailers fail to host responsive websites
03 October 2013
High street retailers losing almost £1 billion in sales every month
25 September 2013
Gartner Names Venda Visionary
05 November 2011
Internet Retailing
31 August 2011

What's Your Line?

2011 American Business Awards Blog
03 August 2011

Three ways to increase sales

BBC News
05 May 2010

Tim Weber, Business editor, BBC News website talks opens the debate about cloud computing and its benefits, with James Cronin CTO of Venda contributing...

Computer Weekly
18 February 2010

The introduction of Venda Behavioral Merchandising that monitors the behaviour of online customers has increased sales at gift retailer Past Times....

PR Newswire
18 January 2010

Venda, the leading global provider of on-demand e-commerce solutions, announced today that WWRD has chosen Venda's best-in-class Software as a Service...

Internet Retailer
08 January 2010

IGo Inc., which manufactures and sells power chargers for computers, mobile phones and other electronics devices, has seen a 108% boost in conversion...

PR Newswire
05 January 2009

Despite an estimate from comScore of an expected growth of 4.9%, Venda merchants saw an average Q4 year-on-year revenue increase of 85.7%...

Yahoo Finance

Venda, the world's largest on-demand eCommerce provider, announced today that Altec Lansing has selected Venda's highly scalable and reliable on-demand...

WWD Business
17 November 2009

Companies and categories of business that work with the apparel industry, providing consultation, service, supply or solution were invited to...

Internet Retailer
04 November 2009

The day after clothing and accessories maker Lilly Pulitzer kicked off its Jubilee year celebration of 50 years in business, the company launched its...

Internet Retailer
30 October 2009

Retailers find ways to use flashy images without dimming natural search results...Awe-inspiring, vivid web pages can do wonders to help e-retailers...

IT Business Edge
26 October 2009

With more retailers then ever grumbling about the cost of Payment Card Industry (PCI) security and the increased complexity associated with the IT...

Retail Week
23 October 2009

Wilkinson has increased customer conversion rates and average order values on its Wilkinson Plus ecommerce site. Conversion rates are up 23% and...

22 October 2009

Flowers Direct, the Lancashire based online floral gifting retailer, are celebrating the successful launch of their new website and back office system...

Internet Retailer
20 October 2009

U.K.-based women's apparel retailer Awear knows shoppers like viewing sequences featuring vivid sequences of models sporting the clothes it sells. It...

Internet Retailer
01 September 2009

International waters can be rough but vendor services can toss a lifeline to e-retailers seeking to sell abroad...

Internet Retailer
01 September 2009

Making the software-as-a-service option pay off for online retailers...