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Venda - world’s largest on-demand eCommerce provider

In the Media


In the Media

Research shows majority of UK consumers reluctant to use Bitcoin online
18 April 2014
Internet Retailing
01 January 2011

Why do people buy a pair of shoes online? Price might be a factor. Or maybe convenience.More positively, a customer might be excited by a particular...

Fulfilment & e.Logistics
01 January 2011

It may seem a while ago, but the Christmas surge in online sales helped sustain spirits in a generally depressed economy...

11 August 2010

Venda, the world's largest on-demand ecommerce provider, announced that Cotton Traders has chosen the Venda eCommerce eCosystem to boost sales on its...

Logisitics Manager
29 July 2010

Retail group Past Times says it has achieved a 300 per cent increase in despatch rate and eliminated shipping errors...

Internet Retailing
25 July 2010

Fashion accessories business Accessorize is to get its own dedicated website as the business expands its reach into Europe and the US...

New York Times
11 July 2010

The Web site for Marc Jacobs, the flamboyant fashion designer with an estimated $5 billion brand, has many things: stylish videos of employees...

Internet Retailer
21 June 2010

If Venda Inc. and Yahoo Inc. make good on their predictions of this week and last, the m-commerce universe will explode in the second half of 2010......

Retail Technology
21 June 2010

Anthropologie has chosen technology from on-demand e-commerce provider, Venda as the basis of online European expansion...

Retail Technology
17 June 2010

Figures just released find retailers could be paying much more to process cards than cash...

Intenet Retailing
15 June 2010

On-demand e-commerce company Venda has teamed up with m-commerce tech company Digby to develop a unified platform...

07 June 2010

Strategic Alliance Between Venda and Quiet Logistics Creates Solution That Delivers Any Product, Any Size, Any Mix, Anywhere, Anytime...

WWD Business
17 November 2009

Companies and categories of business that work with the apparel industry, providing consultation, service, supply or solution were invited to...

Internet Retailer
04 November 2009

The day after clothing and accessories maker Lilly Pulitzer kicked off its Jubilee year celebration of 50 years in business, the company launched its...

Internet Retailer
30 October 2009

Retailers find ways to use flashy images without dimming natural search results...Awe-inspiring, vivid web pages can do wonders to help e-retailers...

IT Business Edge
26 October 2009

With more retailers then ever grumbling about the cost of Payment Card Industry (PCI) security and the increased complexity associated with the IT...

Retail Week
23 October 2009

Wilkinson has increased customer conversion rates and average order values on its Wilkinson Plus ecommerce site. Conversion rates are up 23% and...

22 October 2009

Flowers Direct, the Lancashire based online floral gifting retailer, are celebrating the successful launch of their new website and back office system...

Internet Retailer
20 October 2009

U.K.-based women's apparel retailer Awear knows shoppers like viewing sequences featuring vivid sequences of models sporting the clothes it sells. It...

Internet Retailer
01 September 2009

International waters can be rough but vendor services can toss a lifeline to e-retailers seeking to sell abroad...

Internet Retailer
01 September 2009

Making the software-as-a-service option pay off for online retailers...