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Venda | convergent ecommerce partnerships

Convergent Commerce Partnerships

Venda’s market leadership puts us in the unique position of understanding the needs of retailers and brands as well as the challenges facing our partners who serve them.

Partnering for customer success

Delivering for customers on the promises of convergent commerce can require experience tools from best-of-breed technology innovators. Venda methodically reviews and selects partners with our customers’ end goals in mind. To align our partnerships with customer needs we use a ‘Smart Partnering’ process to determine the following:

  • Business Model Fit – transparent pricing and superior ROI
  • Company Culture Fit – embraces rapidity, collaboration and accountability
  • Thought-leadership Fit – helps retailers evolve via continuous innovation
  • Geographic Access Fit – ability to deliver and support internationally
  • Technical Fit – highly complementary and intuitive solutions

Why partner with Venda?

Venda is the company brands turn to when they want cloud-based (SaaS) multichannel commerce solutions. Venda customers benefit from our experience when they are sorting through all the possibilities for business partnerships and solution integrations. At Venda we see partnership as a many-to-many relationship; we, our customers, our platform partners and our business partners collaborating effectively and integrating seamlessly to ensure you rapidly achieve and sustain ROI.

Partnering with Venda can help you:

  • Grow sales through new channels across the globe.
  • Drive increased brand awareness for your company.
  • Leverage your own complementary skills and knowledge.
  • Develop new opportunities with technology providers.
  • Integrate seamlessly with our commerce platform.
  • Connect, learn and share with our global community.

Access new markets

The Venda Partner Program is uniquely designed to help partners develop new opportunities and grow profitable businesses. Built on a firm understanding of partners’ needs, this program is backed by significant resource commitments to build strong, ongoing and productive partner relationships.

Partner types:

Venda continues to seek new partners and evaluates applications based on strategic fit, product synergies and our opportunities to jointly expand our market presence.

Venda offers three partner types:

Business Partners

Business Partners sell and deliver Venda powered cloud (SaaS) solutions to their end-clients often through channels indirect to Venda. Venda is opening up its platform for Business Partners to sell, deliver and run eCommerce solutions upon, in every country and in every industry vertical.

Platform Partners

Platform Partners have their own best-of-breed solutions such as mobile, social or rich media that integrates with Venda’s Commerce Platform to provide enhanced functionality to our joint-customers. Seamlessly integrated onto the Venda platform, they deliver world-class solutions to our retailers and brands, in order to help them generate additional revenues and further strengthen customer satisfaction.

Services Partners

Services Partners deliver marketing strategy, implementation, integration, training or commerce consulting around Venda technologies to our joint-customers.