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Professional Services

Venda experts provide end-to-end support like no other vendor - designed to help you plan, design, test, and execute convergent commerce strategies.

Maximize ROI from every channel

In today’s highly-competitive market you need to move quickly, extend your reach, and maximize the potential of your commerce channels. Venda helps you solidify your vision with solid planning, global knowledge, technological expertise, and unique cross-channel best practices to make these multiple channels work together. When done right, convergent commerce strategies harness the power of channel synergy which your competition will find difficult to match.

Build a roadmap for ongoing success

Each Venda client receives hands-on services and support from the day they engage and as they grow throughout their relationship with Venda. We have staffed a diverse team of business and technical experts across the globe to provide you with a wide range of value-added capabilities from commerce strategy, to site design, to application integration. All services are tailored to your unique commerce objectives and operational realities. Whether you are an innovative emerging brand or a global retailer, we can provide the right people at the right time to ensure that you have the guidance you need to realize your convergent commerce objectives.


In a cross-channel, multi-channel, multi-touchpoint, multi-market world, how do you formulate a cohesive and agile strategy?

Venda Professional Services can provide the strategic insights that underpin successful convergent commerce operations. Our services include:

  • Market and customer profiling and segmentation
  • Competitor definition, benchmarking, and capability to define your optimum USPs
  • Multi-channel and online opportunity measurement and analysis
  • Proposition benchmarking and enhancements
  • Assess online and offline volumes, costs, and market sensitivities
  • Improving operational and fulfillment process and implementing best practices
  • Optimizing commerce site structure, merchandising, promotions, and marketing
  • Delivering financial models, business cases, and potential implementation plans

Today’s consumers expect personalized shopping experiences and true connection with the brands they frequent. They want to shop, compare, share and buy in ways they trust - that engage and make shopping and purchasing easy. Successful retailers and brands will inspire consumers on every level – visually, contextually, emotionally and technologically – across every channel.

Inspiration is no trivial task.

Venda’s site design services are included with your Venda relationship. We can complete
the designs for you or work with your team or agency of record. Our team has an intuitive
grasp of the shopper’s needs – perfected through hundreds of site designs for leading brands. We can help you design and maintain a unified brand identity and engaging experience throughout your customer’s journey. We are experts in digital, animation, interactive media and multichannel commerce experiences.

Venda’s design team can work with you to:

  • Design experiences most likely to move customers to action.
  • Map a phased approach to testing new branding concepts.
  • Make unique product and brand attributes stand-out.
  • Communicate brand DNA through color, descriptions, product placement.
  • Determine which designs motivate recall and loyalty.
  • Unify your eCommerce, mobile, social and retail brand identities.
  • Discuss your brand’s evolutionary stage and design possibilities.

Our goal is to help you truly connect and communicate with customers across their journey with one voice – so they will embrace your brand, tell the world about your products and continually buy from you wherever they are.

Venda provides dedicated resources comprised of three levels of support to engage with your ecommerce team from day-1 offering their expert advice along with training and delivery of all your ecommerce needs.

Your commerce account manager, service delivery manager and helpdesk team work together as a comprehensive unit to meet the day-to-day challenges that many of our clients face as they build and grow their ecommerce division. The net result is a fully optimized store front which paves the way for a complete and user friendly experience with increased conversion and return on investment.

Partners in success: Your assigned resources help you grow your multichannel business and maximize your investment in the Venda cloud commerce platform through a holistic review and development of your convergent commercestrategy. This resource helps you:

  • With store optimization and best practices through SEO/SEM, Site Usability and Product Merchandizing to effectively increase site conversion and registration.
  • Leverage Cross-Channel Marketing insight in areas such as Mobile, Social Media and E-mail Marketing
  • Monitor Analytics
  • Setting and Tracking Quarterly KPIs
  • Providing consultancy and technical assistance with Venda Partners
  • Enhancing Platform functionality, training and communicating roadmap
  • Serving as your primary point of contact

As your commerce offering develops we can help you to Analyse, Test, Track and Implement new ideas to improve your customer’s experience. Our ATTI modules optimise the ultimate convergent channel proposition for you and your customers to increase customer conversion and loyalty and to drive customer Lifetime Value (LTV). These include:

  • Multi-channel traffic generation and channel-link scenarios
    Including Search Engine Optimization, Media Planning, Pay per Click, Social Media, Affiliate and Portals, Marketplaces, Catalogue, Store Connect and Mobile.
  • On-Site Average Order Value and Conversion Driver scenarios
    Including Search Optimization, Usability, Accessibility, Promotions, Merchandising and Order Completion.
  • The on-going coaching and development of your commerce team …
    … in each of the above scenarios including how best to obtain the desired outcomes on the Venda.

Venda is able to support your international operations with our international services team. Based in Europe and the US they are able to help you plan, execute and optimise your international convergent commerce strategy.

Once you are operational, our local account managers will help you to maximise your use of the Venda platform across web, mobile and social channels while our 24/7/365 support from our global centers in New York, London and Bangkok will ensure that your critical commerce operations will run smoothly, securely and reliably – from end-to-end.