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eCommerce Innovation

Venda pioneered cloud-based (SaaS) eCommerce in 2001 and has since delivered hundreds of eCommerce sites across the globe.

One place, One experience, One price!

Your eCommerce sites will be important beach heads in establishing your convergent commerce experiences. They will also still produce the lion’s share of your online revenues for years to come as your other growth channels (social and mobile) mature. Venda is your one place to get comprehensive cloud eCommerce solutions with the latest capabilities and most sophisticated technologies. Providing shoppers with engaging, secure and easy online shopping experiences is crucial to keep them purchasing, referring, and returning. Unlike other providers, who charge you a percentage of your revenues as you grow, Venda offers transparent, fixed pricing. As your business grows, our costs remain steady – no penalties for success!

Learn more about our eCommerce experiences below:

Your brand’s web storefront is still the most effective and cost efficient channel through which to engage customers and grow revenue. Thanks to Venda, this has never been easier. Whether an emerging brand or an established Internet 500 retailer, Venda’s flexible cloud based eCommerce storefronts provide all the must have features and break-through innovations required to help you provide better customer experiences than your competition – leading to more new and repeat orders.

Venda enterprise storefronts help you:

  • Manage all your eCommerce in one place.
  • Build multiple uniquely branded storefronts.
  • Ease administrative burdens of eCommerce.
  • Expand internationally – sell in new countries.
  • Roll-out new features as your needs grow.
  • Own your growth – transparent & predictable pricing.
eBusiness audit

You never have to worry about time consuming and costly upgrades, replacement of legacy systems, or hardware—you’ll always be at the leading edge of technology, applications, and capabilities for today’s commerce landscape.

Storefront functionality includes:

  • Web based control panel
  • Order Management
  • Multilingual / Multicurrency
  • CRM/ Accounting tools
  • Merchandise Management
  • Dynamic categories
  • Wish list & registry
  • Product Promotion Engine
  • Predictive Selling Engine
  • Pricing Management
  • Transactional emails
  • PCI Level 1 Security
  • Store design templates
  • Secure Checkout
  • Integration
  • Customization

Plus… an ever expanding list of must-have features.

Venda has a very broad set of functionality and the scalability and flexibility of their business model will help us to scale our business fast without significant investment in internal infrastructure



Venda’s marketing solutions address the Convergent Commerce realities that as your customers become more channel neutral they engage with your brand, evaluate your products and buy across multiple channels. To ensure cross-channel exposure for your brand, Venda provides comprehensive cloud marketing solutions to help you design, define, execute, manage and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns – across the web, mobile, social and email.

Venda marketing experience solutions help you:

  • Ramp up your multi-channel demand generation machine.
  • Generate site traffic with SEO/ SEM solutions.
  • Get insight into your customers’ behaviors & preferences.
  • Target the right buyers with relevant and timely content.
  • Easily execute email campaigns and landing pages.
  • Track and measure marketing campaign results.
  • Start loyalty and retention marketing programs.

Venda’s marketing solutions help you attract, engage and convert shoppers to buyers. Venda eCommerce platform includes native functionality as well as optional best-of-breed marketing solutions by Adobe-Omniture.

Our Marketing solutions integrate best practices and include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Deliverability
  • Promotions Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Shopper behavior and segmentation analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO)
  • Comparison Shopping Engines (ex: shopzilla, pricegrabber)
  • Marketplaces (e.g.: eBay, Amazon and Buy.com)
  • Enterprise Web analytics
  • Affiliate management

Venda’s implementation of SEO best practices has clearly enabled us to stand out. Their infrastructure has been fully optimised to ensure that our website is well structured for search engine indexers.



Every year, online retailers spend billions of dollars in advertising to drive traffic. At the average retailer, only 3% of those visitors make a purchase. At best-in-class retailers, conversion rates can be 30% or more. The difference is called merchandising – displaying the right products at the right time to each visitor.

You have a few valuable seconds to present, promote and guide your prospective customers to relevant products that they are likely to buy. Venda Behavioral Merchandising (VBMTM) is an easy-to-use automated content recommendation solution that helps retailers visualize, analyze and personalize interactions across several channels (interactive, video, behavioral and social.) With VBM, you will see increases in traffic, brand awareness and average order value (AOV).

Venda Behavioral Merchandising can help you:

  • Target offers and promotions to the right customers.
  • Create behaviorally targeted campaign landing pages.
  • Dynamically promote matching items and cross-sell into other categories.
  • Display product search results pages that are personalized for customers.
  • Analyze visitor behavior: clicks, search phrases, and products purchased.
  • Allow customers to create user generated product collections to share on Facebook.
  • Visually engage with compelling up-sell and cross-sell promotions to onsite videos.
  • Give loyal shoppers a personal welcome, with items that you know they’ll love.

Venda's new promotion engine is one of the most comprehensive and flexible that I have seen in the market-place. It enables us to create the deep set of promotions that are part of our core strategy.



It’s a fact; retail websites with a compelling visual experience sell better than others. Yet many online retailers believe they can’t cost justify the imaging solutions they need to create a superior shopping experience in order to beat their competition.

  • Increase revenue and conversion rates up to 90%
  • Cut photography costs by 50%
  • Reduce the number of images managed by 80%
  • Reduce product returns up to 10%

Venda’s content and image management tools empower you to create, preview, revise and publish site content, dynamic imagery, interactive video, and more from one central location - quickly, efficiently and accurately - encouraging purchasing, boost conversion, and increase revenue.

Our image management tools allow you to take a product image and insert it once. The system propagates it to the right sections, in the right size and format, everywhere it needs to appear, all automatically. These capabilities do not require IT support and accommodate the most technical, or the non-technical staffer.

Our clients use these tools for managing:

  • Product collections
  • Flexible templates
  • Imagery & overlays
  • Promotions & rules
  • Content heroes
  • Content categories
  • Slideshows & Carousels
  • Media galleries
  • Interactive Video

We chose Venda because it gives us the flexibility to deliver a very rich front-end experience with all the features that we want.


Jimmy Choo

Venda provides you with one place to access marketplaces such as eBay, who account for nearly one-third of total ecommerce sales and are growing. We can also help you compete within comparison shopping engines like Shopping.com, PriceGrabber or TheFind.com which will extend your reach across the internet and help you move inventory fast!

Venda’s Feed Commerce Manager™ is an intuitive utility built into our platform that allows you to map your product categories, publish and distribute into marketplaces and comparison shopping engines at the click of a button.

The Venda Feed Commerce Manager helps:

  • Create and manage inventory
  • Optimize bid business rules
  • Manage orders and returns
  • Control variations in size, color, and more
  • Map product inventory to engines
  • Manage listing variables like frequency & duration
  • Remove depleted / sold-out products
  • View reports & manage account alerts

The Venda Feed Commerce Manager is:

  • Convenient:
  • All the building blocks for setting up and maintaining marketing feeds and channels are managed and maintained from one place.
  • Cost-effective:
  • Through Venda’s relationship network, Venda leverages its strong market position to secure wholesale discounts from Affiliate and Affinity sites and services on behalf of its clients.
  • Revenue-generating:
  • An extensive range of channels with which to establish marketing feeds, means that your products are guaranteed maximum exposure.
  • Easy to use:
  • Channel and feed setup is seamless, easy and efficient. Interaction occurs via an attractive, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The Feed Commerce Manager Venda offers is such a valuable tool. Today when so many retailers rely on cheaper and more targeted traffic from comparison shopping engines and affiliates it's imperative we have a stable and easy to use product feed management tool.



A successful eCommerce site is much more than just a shopping basket and a collection of web pages. It requires often complex end-to-end business processes to ensure that orders are fulfilled efficiently and expediently and that customer expectations are consistently met. Now with convergent commerce shoppers demanding the ability to place, view or modify orders and returns anywhere they choose, you need visibility into the status of these orders, regardless of channel.

From the multi-channel call centre module to built-in fraud screening, payment processing, and order and returns management tools, Venda delivers all the functionality needed to service customers. We enable you to monitor, update and manage orders throughout their life cycle.

You can immediately see if an order has been authorized, back-ordered, pre-ordered, on hold for credit or fraud issues, or shipped. Our order management system also allows you to offer your customers valuable auto-ship/recurring order continuity programs to increase revenues.

Venda's order management system:

  • Support continuity/recurring order programs
  • Provides call centre integration out of the box with advanced order management and CSR support
  • Integrates directly with your existing ERP systems and warehouse, fulfillment and logistical operation
  • Improves quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors and strengthen revenue recognition
  • Gain real-time visibility into order trends, sales history and shipping status

After a rigorous selection process we selected Venda because we felt they provided the broadest solution for our needs.


Wilkinson Plus

Convergent Commerce practitioners leverage data and analysis to more clearly understand the behaviors and preferences of their customers as to deliver relevant and personal cross-channel experiences. Your success as a retailer depends on your ability to attract the right visitors to your commerce sites and get them to purchase your most profitable products.

With Venda’s more than fifty standard commerce reports and advanced web analytics you can:

  • Promote and offer the most profitable products to visitors
  • Provide accurate and detailed management reports
  • Understand traffic sources and site behavior
  • Track performance of all your multichannel marketing
  • Segment visitors by online behavior and demographics
  • Leverage data in remarketing and site merchandising efforts

Web analytics

Venda has partnered with leading web traffic analytics and optimisation provider, Google Analytics. There are no set up costs for Google Analytics, which is included as a standard part of the site build process.