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Venda | web storefront manage the technology

One of the world's leading cloud commerce platforms

Venda reduces the risk, complexity and cost of eCommerce. You focus on growing your business and we deliver the performance, reliability and security you need.

Leave the technology to us

Running successful cross-channel commerce initiatives is enough to manage without having to account for the mission-critical computing requirements from heavy seasonal business peaks or even unexpected promotional successes which can test even the best IT infrastructures and teams.

Optimizing your eCommerce platform to take advantage of these opportunities without over-investing in technology is difficult. In-house and hosted eCommerce platforms leave you trying to anticipate demand, worrying about over-loading the server, negotiating to buy additional resources for peak periods and trying to manage the IT infrastructure. Venda frees you from technology issues.

Focus on your business

Venda’s cloud-based (SaaS) eCommerce platform allows you to focus 100% of your resources exclusively on extending your brand, marketing your products, and achieving the key metrics of your online business success. With traditional in-house custom builds or licensed "buy and build" approaches, 80% of cost and resources are wasted on supporting and maintaining the technology. Venda's unique platform was architected and designed specifically to address the disadvantages and risks of traditional technology approaches.


Venda puts the control of running your online business where it belongs- in the hands of your marketers, merchandisers, and business owners while we efficiently manage the technology and constantly evolve the platform to give you the tools you need to succeed online.

No more painful upgrades

Every year the complexity of outmoded eCommerce systems forces businesses to waste billions on maintenance and upgrades which drain the bottom line and distract retailers from their core business.

Now, imagine an eCommerce platform that never becomes obsolete.

The Venda platform provides flexibility on-demand, uptime and availability and built-in disaster recovery. More importantly your customers shop in a high-performance, feature-rich and high-security online store.

eBusiness audit Venda's Cloud Platform performs!
  • Innovative: Monthly upgrades assure you have the latest industry necessities.
  • Scalable: leveraged by almost 100 manufacturers and retailers
  • Reliable: Global tier 1 data centers.
  • Secure: Enterprise wide PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification.
  • Flexible: Shared multi-tenancy ‘flexes’ when capacity grows or spikes.
  • Supported: Unrivaled Service Level Agreements (SLA’s.)
  • Equipped: Built-in redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Cost-effective: Several ‘no charge’ solution upgrades per year.

The costs, risk and headaches make it difficult to justify building a solution in-house. It made far more sense to partner with Venda which provides us with a continuously evolving platform, while empowering us to focus on what will truly differentiate us; our branding, marketing, merchandising and customer care.