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Mobile Commerce

The new channel sales

The revolution mobile is in walking, the mobile users  are transforming the behaviors of purchase :

  • They practice the "shopping  nomadic  . "
  • In store, they  validate their purchases after having  consulted  the  references  to products and sought alternatives on the mobile web.
  • They are points of sale thanks to the geolocation and codes Postal .

Smartphones allow to take advantage of the power combined mobile, web and course in store to transform buying into a real experience of cross-channel commerce The creativity and innovation become and the engine of your development .

Continuous interaction between  your brand and your customers

With the popularity of mobile technology, a new generation of consumers is emerging. Born in the era of internet, they hope to capitalize on the advantages of this new channel of sale . To be leaders, brands and retailers must perfectly master this technology and develop over the long term.

Thanks to the Venda mobile platform, you easily integrate mobile into your business strategy converge. Our solution allows you to set up a mobile experience that is both rich, ergonomic and easy. The result? A transactional website that offers custom continuous interaction between your brand and your customers - anywhere, anytime.

Venda Mobile Platform gives you:

  • Almost immediate up-to-implement
  • A unified cross-channel distribution that harmonizes all channels (traditional stores, web, mobile and social networks)
  • Purchasing experience on smartphones and sophisticated custom
  • A 'interactive' catalog of your products, "starisés" in a captivating environment, connection with social networks
  • Access "on demand" information-products, customer recommendations, promotions and purchase
  • The optimization of the customer experience in store

Venda offers a complete m-commerce solution:

  • Products available anywhere, 365 days a year, 7 days 7
  •  Complete mobile transactional capabilities: product search, shopping, purchase, and payment services, etc ...
  • Unified channels: go digital commerce and traditional trade
  • A rich mobile experience on the iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, BlackBerry and Android mobile
  • E-commerce and marketing campaigns segmented according to locality
  • An easily integrated into the e-commerce platform mobile solution Venda

Mobile commerce is clearly becoming the most effective and most appropriate to make our products accessible anywhere and anytime.