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Eric Abensur - Director General

Eric Abensur has joined the leadership of Venda  in 2009. He officiated at Orange UK, in both as Vice-President , then as Director General of Orange Home UK PLC result in the merger of the operations of Internet and Mobile France Telecom at United Kingdom . leaders in the United Kingdom . Under the colors of Wanadoo , Eric Abensur and his teams won the ISPA Awards for three years in a row (2004, 2005 and 2006). This prize rewards the ISPs for the best innovations and practices on the Internet. Eric started his career in 1989 with Ernst & Young in Paris and then in Los Angeles, so that specialist technology media entertainment. From 1998 to 2001 he occupied the post of Director of Finance in the Department Television Charge of France Telecom.

Since 2008, Eric Abensur contributes by its strong expertise on the web, its values ​​and its methodologies , to transform Venda in society overall . There were in 2004 in the Top 10 men most influential of the sphere of new media by the daily British The Guardian. In   December  2011, Eric Abensur  is part  of the ranking "of 100 individuals with profiles remarkable today that will be essential tomorrow , " Issues  - The  Echos .

Damon Mannion  -  Director of Operations

Damon Mannion has joined Venda in 2005, after 15 years spent in the positions to responsibility in the technology and operations . In 2000, before integration Venda , it has launched the operation of commercial electronics of Mothercare , a brand famous dedicated to women pregnant and children from 0 to 8 years . The site knows when a real success and is now the reference in the sector . Damon Mannion takes then the Directorate computer of Silverscreen , contributing to success in the growth of the largest stock of DVD UK . Today , Chief Operating Officer of Venda , Damon Mannion is  Head of Operations , Construction and of the integration of all e-commerce sites for our clients, their evolution as well as customer support. It is also responsible for the governance of the Group through the office management of projects . To this day, his teams  have designed several hundreds of e-commerce sites for major brands worldwide . In advocating excellence operational and services of high quality , Damon Mannion has significantly improved in customer satisfaction Venda . In addition , he is working to develop the programs of Venda for new channels of sales and to expand the community of developers Venda .

James Cronin - Founder and Architect Chief

Before participating in the creation of Venda , James Cronin was  the Vice-President and Director World of Operations and Technology  of  group  boo.com. Mr. Cronin there orchestra then all the operations and developments on the back end technologies. In starting a sheet white, he has been able to develop a technology out

Before embarking on the adventure Venda , James Cronin was Director of Operations and Technology at Virgin.net, a supplier of access Internet's leading UK . He was in charge of their technical services and strategy of new technologies. James Cronin has also worked on within the group Virgin Management Ltd. as the Consultant where he has developed the strategies e-commerce, Internet and technology for its many subsidiaries . It is also at the origin of new initiatives ebusiness Virgin.