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Fulfillment Logistics

Receiving shipment is the real ‘moment-of-truth’; when customers receive their packages and form crucial opinions about your products, services, and brand.

No matter how great a shopping experience you provide; when an order is delayed, damaged or incorrect, there is immediate and often irreparable impact to your customer's satisfaction, your brand reputation, and your revenue.

We refer to this new phenomenon of broadened consumer expectations as the ‘the real moment of truth’ in ecommerce, when the order is delivered and opened by your customer who now makes the crucial decision to form (or change) an opinion of your products, services and brand.


Exceeding customer expectations

The stakes are much higher in this new era of convergent commerce. If you are a retailer or brand manufacturer and you don’t have the right product or you mis-pick or mis-ship an order, you may lose the customer forever – and with social networking, they may tell all their friends how bad your service was. The good news is - if you truly exceed your customers’ expectations of the post-sales experience - you can win their loyalty and increase profits.

Seamless end-to-end experiences

Emerging global commerce trends, significant growth in fulfillment outsourcing and advances in technology have converged to revolutionize retail and create a massive paradigm shift in not only how your customers purchase their goods but also what they expect of the post-purchase experience you provide. For example, whether a channel neutral shopper purchases your product through an online affiliate (eBay,) mobile site or even Facebook that customer expects same day fulfillment and next day shipping – for free!

Order fulfillment must-haves:

  • Be able to deliver affordably regardless of which channel the order came through – online, retail store, social or even mobile.
  • Be technologically equipped to control inventory, order accuracy and deliver exactly what you promised to customers quickly.
  • Handle packaging with strict attention to detail, guaranteeing the quality of your brand,
  • Make certain orders are packed carefully and are received without damage, and
  • Delight, when needed, with post-sales support and effortless reverse logistics.

We knew the pivotal element of online transactions was fulfillment and in choosing Venda as our eCommerce software platform, we were eager to take full advantage of their superior end-to-end functionality. Venda Fulfillment PRO powered by Quiet Logistics allowed us to put the focus where it belongs – on fulfillment, giving APART a significant edge in order accuracy, customer service and quality.


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