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Venda - strong experienced leadership  Eric Abensur Venda Group Chief Executive

Our Leadership

Eric Abensur - Group Chief Executive

Eric joined Venda in September 2008, from Orange UK PLC. He was Vice-President of Orange Home and Chief Executive Orange Home UK PLC following the merger of the internet and mobile operations of France Telecom in the UK. Previously, he was Chief Executive of Wanadoo (formerly FREESERVE), leading UK Internet Service Provider. In 2004,2005 and 2006, Wanadoo won the ISPA UK Best Consumer ISP award three years in a row. Under his leadership, the company successfully reconciled innovation and continuous customer experience improvement. Eric started his career In 1989 with Ernst & Young in Paris and Los Angeles, specialised for the Technology Media Entertainment sector. From 1998 to 2001, he was Finance Director of France Telecom PAY-TV division.

Eric brings to Venda significant experience of the online sector as well as the values and processes required to move a medium enterprise to a global enterprise. He was voted in the Top Ten Most Influential People in the New Media by The Guardian in 2004 and was nominated in 2011 by Enjeux Les Echos as one of the 100-most influential French business leaders of today and the future.

Jeffrey Max - CEO North America

Jeff joined Venda in 2003, and was responsible for establishing the Company’s North American operation. A serial technology entrepreneur, Jeff brings the Company more than 25 years of leadership and experience creating, growing and transitioning software and services companies.

Jeff has been a leading voice of innovation in the eCommerce industry, beginning with Venda’s introduction as the first enterprise-scale, cloud based eCommerce offering in the US, to the Company’s current vision of omni-channel Convergent Commerce.

Prior to joining Venda, Jeff was a principal at PLR Advisors, a capital market advisory firm, CEO of Whitelight Technologies (sold to SunGard in 2003), Director of International Market Development at OptiMark Technologies, and CEO of Systems Development Corporation (sold to Telkurs in 1996). He currently serves on the Boards of several cloud-computing start-ups.

Damon Mannion – Chief Operating Officer

Damon joined Venda in 2005 with over 15 years of technology leadership, retail experience and operational excellence. As Venda’s COO he is responsible for the design and build of all the Convergent Commerce solutions (eCommerce, mobile, social, store, etc.), and to date has delivered several hundred global solutions for some of the world’s leading brands and retailers. After implementation, he manages the customers’ enhancement roadmaps to further increase the success of their businesses. He is also responsible for the Group’s governance, through the project management office, and actively develops and promotes Venda’s new channel programmes and developer community.

Prior to joining Venda: in 2000, he launched Mothercare’s award-winning first eCommerce site/operation; in 2003, he joined Silverscreen as IT Director – helping grow the brand from a few stores, to become the UK’s largest specialist DVD retailer in 2005.

James Cronin – Director and Chief Architect

James started Venda following his CTO role at boo.com group where he held the position of Vice President and Global Director of Operations and Technology. In this position, he managed all back end technology development and operations, building boo.com's award winning technology, very large scale hosting platform, global infrastructure and skilled technical team from scratch.

Prior to this James was Director of Operations & Technology at Virgin Net, a leading UK Internet Service Provider, with responsibility for continued running of technical services and defining new technology strategy. James also worked at a group level with Virgin Management Ltd acting as a consultant to many Virgin Group companies on their eCommerce, Internet and technology strategies as well as conceiving a number of new Virgin ebusinesses.

Dan Wagner - Founder and Chairman of the board

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Eric Abensur - Group Chief Executive
Jeffrey Max - CEO, Venda Inc., North America
James Cronin – Founder and CTO
Philip Dur - Managing Director, Investor Growth Capital
Noah Walley - Managing Director, Investor Growth Capital
James Thompson - Ph.D., Vice President, GF Private Equity Group
Alan Docter - Director
Clifford Seigel - Director