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Venda | pioneer of cloud-based (SaaS) commerce solutions

Venda Today

Venda is a profitable and privately held pioneer of cloud-based (SaaS) commerce solutions, leveraged by almost 100 manufacturers and retailers to deliver a consistent brand experience across online, mobile and in-store channels.Venda has evolved from a best-in-class eCommerce pioneer to a global provider of end-to-end multi-channel commerce solutions. Customers realize superior ROI from Venda’s comprehensive web, mobile and social commerce suite, international commerce expertise, end-to-end fulfillment capability and transparent pricing. Venda’s reliability, scalability and flexibility suit customers across many industries – from global big box retailers and fashion leaders to electronics and media companies. Venda customers include global brands such as Tesco, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Universal Music Group, LN-CC, Fat Face and Boohoo.com. Venda has offices in New York, London and Bangkok. While our capabilities and reach have grown, our mission is still “to drive our customer’s revenues in the most cost-effective way."

A rich history

The firm was founded in 2001 by Dan Wagner, a noted UK entrepreneur, and James Cronin of boo.com. Dan had envisioned the concept for a shared eCommerce platform in 1998 and formed and funded a business unit of his Marketing Analysis and Information Database (MAID) firm to develop the concept.

Innovations spur global growth

As Venda's success reached new heights in the United Kingdom and Europe, Venda began to evaluate expansion into North America. In 2002, after weathering the collapse of the Internet bubble and the slump in eCommerce that followed, Venda hinged its global expansion on three key strategies:

  • invest heavily ahead of the curve in its on-Demand Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) platform (which the industry later called ‘cloud commerce’), and
  • leverage experience in cross-border multilingual/ multicurrency eCommerce to create unique competencies in helping retailers expand internationally, and
  • introduce a transparent and predictable pricing structure with flat fees that helped retailers reduce the costs and risks associated with eCommerce investments.
No longer would retailers be penalized for growth by confusing percentage based revenue share pricing schemes that take a disproportionate amount of revenue with each sale. The rest is history. Over the past decade Venda has been continually recognized for its innovations and has delivered a number of customer sites and transactions to world-leading retailers and manufacturers across the globe.


Venda has approximately 240 employees.


Geographic coverage

Venda's primary offices are in London, New York, Bangkok.



Venda remains a privately held company, with institutional, private equity, and founding shareholders.